2019 edition

PROGRAMME Main Program Teodosii Spassov Toni Kitanovski Viktor Filipovski 19 April 20h National Theater Bitola Djole Grujovski Quartet 20 April 20h National Theater Bitola Kabadayas 20 April 21h National Theater Bitola Side Program Molly Trolly Quartet 18 April 22h Kamarite Skopje Jazz Inc. 19 April 22h Porta Jazz Lina Avshar 20 April 22h Kamarite Workshop Jazz festivals – organization – networking – mobility of artists. 20 April 14h National Theater Bitola Vinko Mihajlovic – Petrovac Jazz Festival – R.Montenegro Dragan Vlajnic – Kikinda Jazz Festival – R.Serbia Irena Blagojevic – Jazz musician Belgrade – R.Serbia Saso Popovski – Jazz Factory Festival – Bitola Bojan Stefkovski – Jazz Fortnight Festival – Jazz label – Skopje Gordana Nastevska-Manasijeska Akasha booking – Skopje Todor Ivanovski – Center for culture decontamination – Bitola

2018 edition

Jazz Factory Festival in its basic concept carries the idea of ​​education and approximation of jazz and contemporary music form to people of the youngest age through the Jazz Factory project. We continue the tradition for 7 years and we invite you to a workshop, a concert and debate. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia - New Cultural Wave, National Theater - Bitola and Center for Culture Bitola.