Theodosii Spassov

People refer to Theodosii Spassov as “the kaval player of the world”. Indeed, Theodosii Spassov’s fans all over the world form a very wide circle. He is acknowledged as a virtuoso kaval performer, who is capable of playing any folk melody with style. What make him even more popular are his original ideas, the realization of which brings together musicians of diverse genres.

Toni Kitanovski

Toni Kitanovski likes to describe himself as a composer who plays the guitar. The ten years spent in Boston, thanks to a full Berklee scholarship, were filled with unique and extreme musical discoveries that now shape the color in his musical voice.

Viktor Filipovski

Viktor Filipovski is a musician of the youngest Skopje creative jazz scene. One of the most engaged musicians in Macedonia, both on the domestic scene and wider. In 2017 he was awarded the “Golden Orick – Best Young Jazz Music” award from Skopje Jazz Festival and Qatar Airways.


Kabadayas’ music genre itself is a mixture of the country’s traditional melodic and rhythmical expressions that breaks boundaries by reaching deeply into the spheres of jazz fusion/funk/drum & bass and dub music.

Djole Grujovski

Jole Grujovski is a guitarist arranger educator who created and creates an impressive and innovative music through his musical path. The music of the album “Reflections” is characterized by a frequent change in dynamics, a gentle atmosphere and the equal treatment of all instruments.

Lina Avshar

Truly a rising star well known for her powerful, yet smooth and breathy voice and her jazzy/funky and soul covers of the most famous jazz standards, as well as contemporary popular music. 

Skopje Jazz Inc.

A group of musicians, well-known in the domestic and international jazz scene, each performance is a new musical adventure, with a repertoire composed of original and more or less known jazz compositions arranged precisely in the style of the band that covers everything from bebop to the present boldly enters the future.

Molly Trolly

Molly Trolly is a phrase that the great Leicester Young used in his slang as a jargon for a music test. A traditional but also abstract way of expression are the main features of this group.