Persistent, constant, musician with endless work energy and musicality, Vasil Hadzimanov 🇷🇸, pianist, composer, arranger and educator, is an inevitable link of Serbian jazz, from the end of the XX century and the beginning of the new millennium, an artist who leaves a great mark in Balkan music and cultural heritage. 

From the first lessons that, with a lot of patience, selflessness and introduction to the world of jazz, were given to him by Vojin Draskozi – world famous bassist and composer, Hadjimanov followed his world of colors and sounds until Berkeley College of Music.

Aside his own Vasil Hadzimanov band, he is also performing with ‘Trio Sveti’ (with Marko Djordjevic and Branko Trijic), ‘Toni Kitanovski Trio’, ‘Bace Quartet’ (with Theodosii Spassov, Bachar Khalife and Ace Petrov), ‘Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union’, ‘Misko Plavi Trio’ and his Vasil Hadzimanov Тrio (with Martin Gjakonovski and Aleksandar Sekulovski).

Martin Gjakonovski 🇲🇰 born in Skopje is Macedonian bassist and composer living in Germany 🇩🇪. He is considered one of the most prominent jazz artists in Europe. Gjakonovski comes from a musical family; his mother was a jazz singer and his father founded and directed the Radio Jazz Big Band Macedonia. Martin Gjakonovski learned from the age of six violin and moved with 14 years to double bass. He soon formed his own band, the trio Spato. Since 1991 he studied at the Cologne University of Music. 

He worked in groups of Paul Kuhn, Lynne Arriale, Olivia Trummer, Paul Shigihara, Nicolas Simion, Bojan Z, Anders Berg Krantz, Omer Klein and the Frankfurt Jazz Big Band. With musicians such as Roman Schwaller, Andy Middleton, Tony Lakatos and Charlie Mariano, he was on the major European festivals, such as in Zagreb, Brussels, Bilbao, Krakow and Leverkusen. 

He produced an album with Hugo Read and Thomas Cremer in Frankfurt Jazz Trio and belonged to Markus Burgers Septer Bourbon. Previously, he played more than eighty jazz and world music CDs a, inter alia, with Dusko Goykovich, Paul Kuhn, Nicolas Simion, Antonio Faraò / Bob Berg, Michael Sagmeister, Anke Helfrich, Torsten Goods, Ferenc Snétberger, Dejan Terzic European Assembly, Claudius Valk Trio, Ratko Zjaca / Simone Zanchini / Adam Nussbaum.


Aleksandar Sekulovski 🇲🇰  is Macedonian musician and proffesor, has been playing, teaching and recording drums for over 25 years. He was born in Bitola and currently lives in Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦. He holds a Master’s Degree in Pop & Jazz drums and has studied with Ron Savage (Berklee College of Music) and Hristo Yotsov (NMA) among others. He has collaborated with artist like: Greg Hopkins, Toni Kitanovski, Vasil Hadzimanov, recorded over 40 albums and played many famous festivals, TV and theatre performances around the world.

An accomplished educator, Alek has worked as Professor of Drums at the Music Academy at UGD, Stip, Macedonia. His eloquence in using Balkan polyrhythms and his knowledge of the history of drumming has made him a frequent contributor to various workshops and clinics, summer schools, and festivals.


Human Touch 🇬🇷 is an exciting and innovative instrumental trio based in Athens, Greece. Their sound carries nuances of their Greek, Irish, American and Cypriot territories and is a personal hybrid of a universal soul. Performed with world famous: Arturo Sandoval, Trilok Gurtu, Milcho Leviev, Billy Cobam, Peter Erskin and others.
Their unique multi-instrumental approach not only leaves a visual impression, but also designs Human Touch’s unlimited range for rhythm, color and emotional depth.
Human Touch music is “live” music. Each concert is its own experience and leaves its audience sublime and moving. No wonder they called them “The best kept music secret in the Balkans.”
The concert is supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Greece in Bitola and Euronickel Industries.

Filip Dinev 🇲🇰  is a Macedonian guitarist / composer, born in Gevgelija, and currently lives in Hamburg 🇩🇪 , known for its unique sound, touch and compositional approach. “Szvetlo” is his latest international release. A trio that expands the sound landscape of this classical format with elements of classical, jazz, pop and Balkan music.

“Improvisation, the joy of unpredictability and natural limits as a creative starting point.” – JAZZ MOVES Hamburg

Pedja Milutinović 🇷🇸 is a drummer and composer, leader of his generation activist in the art world, regionally recognized artist and creative mind who releases his debut album Veritas Vincit for Orenda Records.

Members of his quintet Drumbooty are: Luka Ignjatović – sax, Stevan Milijanović – keys, Bojan Cvetković

– keys, Akoš Forgač – bass guitar.

Tatjana Rantasha 🇲🇰 is one of the first photographers who 15-20 years ago started dedicatedly and professionally documenting contemporary cultural events in Skopje. Music, dance, theater … intertwine through her photographs. In her paintings she captures the waves of flapping and merging, glow and shadow, joy and celebration of life.

Founder and chief photographer of the online culture magazine , has collaborated with concert organizers such as Avalon, Lithium Records, Password Production. Her biography also includes collaboration with the Universal Hall; DE: Sonanz Festival; MOT, Cinedays; as well as Offest and Skopje Jazz Festival, where she is their official photographer.

She regularly participates and is awarded at domestic and international exhibitions. Her photographs have been presented in several solo exhibitions and in countless group exhibitions with the photo club Elema, where she is a member. Some of her photographs can be found in the monograph 30 years of Skopje Jazz Festival and the books with music interviews of the journalist Nenad Georgievski. Within the Jazz Factory Festival 2021, the exhibition Jezetetika will be presented, which includes portraits of some of the contemporary Macedonian jazz musicians.

Jordan Nikolov 🇲🇰 (known as B.Boy) is an active DJ, Turntablist and music producer from Bitola, Macedonia. The beginnings of binoculars date back to the early 1990’s, when parties were based on the good old-fashioned sound carriers: vinyl records, audio cassettes, and compact discs. Leader of the electronic scene in the city with a main focus on hip hop and electro jazz as well as modern styles that carry the roots of jazz. And, yes: B.Boy is also a published short prose writer.

The link where you can hear sketches from his music production from the home studio is: