Antonie Veskovski

mainly known as a percussionist, drummer and vibraphonist in the past, with his new project he widens his abilities and brings us his unique and complete artistic language. His music represents the free path of the musical idea and the ability of the musician to tell us a story.
Has recorded four albums as leader or sideman.
He is fine represent of Macedonian modern music scene that has to be supported and presented today.

Bramha Amity Trio

Bramha Trio is a contemporary jazz group formed in April 2019 by Aleksandar Vanchovski alongside Filip Dimishkovski and Martin Josifovski in Skopje, Macedonia. Their debut album “Painting” was recorded the same month and was released a few months later. The album, the making of which took place in “Club Marakana” with Goran Geshovski as producer, is now officially released, and the band is finally confident that they have the material they had set out to make.
After the album, Bramha released their first single featuring a vocalist, colleague and very close friend called Kalina Velkovska.
Now, after what has been over a year of transformation, creation and self – reinvention, the band consists of Aleksandar Vanchovski on drums, Petar Lukich on piano and Nikola Bochvarov on bass, and create under the name “BRAMHA AMITY”.  They have already written, composed, arranged, recorded and produced their first single from their upcoming second album, which has been aptly entitled ‘Amity’.


Armend Xhaferi

Kosovo Jazz guitarist and composer with Master degree from University of Arts Graz Austria 2006. One of the leading Balkan guitarist that has released 15 albums and also composed music for film and theater.

Music for Film and Theater
Film – Përtej Rrugës 2003 (Yll Citaku), Theater – Murlin Murlo 2004 (Mirjana Karanovic), Theater – Në Ne 2011 (Natasa Poplavska). Film – One Day on Earth 2012 (Kyle Ruddick), Film – Kali 2014 (Alban Uka & Yll Citaku), Film – Once Upon a Time in Kosova 2017 (Eki Rrahmani)

Played on Jazz Festivals and Clubs with:
Karl Ratzer, Guido Jeszenszky, Elina Duni, Eda Zari, Stjepko Gut, Johannes Enders, John Hollenbeck, Wolfgang Puschnig, Mark Murphy, Heinrich Von Kalnejn, Laurie Antoniolli, Wolfgang Rainer, Christian Wegscheider, Enes Seferovic, Jure Pukl, Robert Jukic, Nesim Maxhuni, Ante Gelo, Nenad Vasilic etc.

Toni Kitanovski

Macedonian jazz guitarist and composer. Although jazz is his first love he is equally active in wide variety of styles (world music, classical, music for film and contemporary dance, hip-hop…). He is presently dean of Music Academy – University Goce Delchev – Stip.
Kitanovski started his musical education with Dragan Gjakonovski – Spato in 1979. Intense mentorship lasted whole eight years until Shpato’s death.  Thanks to full tuition scholarship Toni continued his education and graduated at Berklee College of Music. The ten years spent in Boston were filled with musical unique explorations of the music of the world. Upon return to Macedonia he released his debut album One for Charlie on SJF Records Label. Collaboration with the label continues with albums, Duet, Boston, Toni Kitanovski Trio 3 x 3 and Panda 5 album Big City Scare.
Toni got fascinated with gypsy music tradition of masters from his native Skopje which has largest Roma community in Europe. He formed Toni Kitanovski & Cherkezi Orcestra.  They released two albums, Borderlands and Shukar, on Enja Records from Munich. The band performed throughout Europe at prestigious festivals and venues, countless clubs, collaborated with film makers and contemporary dance choreographers.

AJS- Quartet

AJS- Quartet, is the most popular band of Jazz musicians from Albania. They have been playing together for 10 years. Jointed ideas and experiences of these artists makes their performance and sound very interesting. The AJS- Quartet music, has a wide range of interwoven styles, all of which come with the colors of contemporary Balkan Jazz.
In every concert you can feel the energy that is being conveyed to the audience through their music and the presentation that conveys the concert to the complete artistic performance. Each of their concerts is almost a new album, even though the program may be the same. And all of them have a unique sound as a post-impressionist Jazz painting.
As individuals, but also together they have had many concerts, at home, in all the most important Jazz events. Concert tours in Europe and beyond. It is worth mentioning touring in some festivals in China and some other festivals in Europe.
• Beijing Tianchang Art Festival China
• Jazz in Albania (some editions) Albania
• Roccella Jazz Festival Italy
• Petrovac Jazz Festival Montenegro

AJS- Quartet, has established the first organization of Jazz Albanian musicians. They organize each year “Balkan Jazz ShowCase” with the participation of musicians from across the Balkans and beyond. These musicians make a very valuable contribution to Jazz in Albania as well as teaching, being part of the academic staff of the University of Arts in Tirana. Supporting young musicians inside and outside the school by making part of their projects.

Irena Blagojevic

Jazz vocalist, flute player, composer and teacher, she is strong represent of Belgrade Jazz scene with international career. Irena will present her latest album “Blistavi Grad” at our festival. Blagojević graduated flute at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade, and until 2000 she seriously built a career as a flutist, working at the same time as a professor of flute.
This period is marked by numerous performances, solo concerts, concerts with a chamber orchestra, festivals, competitions, awards. Irena has long experienced singing as her “second love”, which took place in the shadow of her flutist career. During personal and musical maturation, singing gradually imposes itself as the first choice and the most natural way to express oneself personally. At the age of fifteen, she won the Talents Are Coming competition.
In “3Kdur”, she won until the Grand Final. As the winner of the “Evenings of Young Hopes” at the Belgrade Spring 2000, he participated in the “Slavic Bazaar” festival in Kiev, where she also won. In the same year, she won the award for interpretation at the Eurofestival in Macedonia.Irena has been participating in the club music life of Belgrade for years, performing with the bands Calcutta and Balkan Express. She sings backing vocals to Filip Žmaher, Legends, Haris Džinović, Čobi …
In 2008, she decided to start a solo career and retired for a while to work on her material. On the album “Morning without love”, she presents herself, above all, with a superior and mature interpretation, but also as one of the authors of lyrics, music and arrangements.

Nenad Georgievski

Nenad Georgievski is born on 12.12.1975 in Skopje, Macedonia. He graduated from Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology, University Skopje. He is a music collector, freelance journalist, father, avid book reader and artistic and managing director of a film festival for music documentaries in Macedonia “Skopje Cinema City”. As a journalist he has worked with most major Macedonian newspapers and magazines. Between 2005 – 2010 he lived in Novi Sad and worked as journalist for RT Vojvodina. 

From 2004 he works with All About Jazz (AAJ) the most renowned website dedicated to the culture of jazz. Georgievski is and author of two books with interviews Music and Musings (Polica, 2016) and More Music and Musings (Polica, 2018).