World Music / Jazz / Experimental

Since 2007 the Fischermanns Orchestra has been running through the streets, spicing up stages and festivals all over Europe. The incredible, unstoppable Fischermanns Orchestra is always on the move, musically free and footloose. The Fischermanns Orchestra draws upon many different cultural influences and inspiration to form its own distinctive sound, which is in constant flux, changing as the musical evolution takes its course. A conscious risk is taken to sail through deep waters without compromise.

In their showcase at the Jazzahead 2015 in Bremen the Fischermanns Orchestra created immediate and sometime uninhibited fireworks with a mild conduction form allowing spontaneity, surprising turns, and nice skew sounds – Henning Bolte, All About Jazz


Jazz / World Music / Folk

Fanfara Station is a trio that brings the power of a brass band and electronics to North African vocals and percussion and the winner of the 12th Edition of the Andrea Parodi Awards 2019 , the most important contest in Italy dedicated to World Music. Inspired by Marzouk’s memories of his father’s brass band, Fanfara Station celebrates the epic feats of the Mediterranean’s migrants, the musical cultures of the African diaspora and the flows that have long connected the Middle East, the Magreb, Southern Europe and the Americas.

The brass of Fanfara Station bring folk and blues accents into a electro acoustic North African universe represented by layers of percussion instruments, woodwinds  and singing.  Modern folk sensibilities are threaded into a contemporary electronic dance fabric.


Jazz / Avant-Garde / Free

Olivier Samouillan was born in Toulouse – France.
He follows studied music at the Toulouse Conservatory then at the Berklee School of Music in Boston.He is a composer, a multi-instrumentalist and a tireless globetrotter. In addition to his diverse and intense activities as a performer, he regularly composes for cinema and television.

In order to combine his passions, he has created his own publishing company and the label Art Melodies, specializing in music for image.
Olivier Samouillan has been collaborating with the label Cezame as a composer since 2004.


Jazz / Flamenco / World Music

A warm and vibrant sound characterizes the music of Ermanno Panta, singer and multi-instrumentalist creator of compositions that Radio3 has defined “very interesting and extremely peculiar” (Radio Nacional de España, Discopolis).

The dream of a free Mediterranean is recognized both in the lyrics and in the musical concept that resonate on the album Isla Musa (2019, Narrator Records), dedicated to Sicily, his birthplace, and Formentera, his adopted island. On the album, the traditional styles of Sicily merge with the styles of flamenco and jazz, coming together in an inspiring and poetic repertoire. Lyrics in Sicilian, Spanish, Catalan and Arabic along with landscape musical elements recreate an aroma so characteristic of Mediterranean soundscapes.


Jazz / Avant-Garde / World Music

Born in mediteran flavored city of Bitola, now is a leading artist, jazz guitarist and composer on the Balkan jazz scene. Popovski has created and developed new musical expression bringing the oriental sounds thought mystical language. Popovski’s music is from a completely different Balkan world, with plenty of emotion and suggestion. It will take you back to the past like an old black and white photo. But on the other hand, it will also open the door to the future through its nostalgic journey.

Saso Popovski has performed at many jazz festivals in Europe and has worked with well-known jazz artists including Toni Kitanovski, Oscar Salas, Milcho Leviev, Dave Wilson and Goce Micanov. He is currently Head of Jazz department at the Goce Delchev University in Stip. In the last decade, Popovski has released five albums, many solo compositions, and also composed music for film and theatre. His current quartet project is with Kiril Kuzmanov saxophone – flute, Ivan Bejkov bass guitar and Viktor Filipovski drums.


Jazz / Post Bop

Pianist Gordan Spasovski’s debut album Light Pillar moves fluidly from meditative notes to bursts of rapid-fire jabs, meticulously sculpted by the accompanying band. A ubiquitous presence in Skopje’s jazz community for several years Spasoski shows up his abilities as a bandleader, and his wealth of talent, vision, and discipline on this record.

He leads an excellent pool of players, all of whom he has worked with on various occasions, and the outcome reflects the true sign of their maturity as a group of seasoned jazz musicians and risk-takers. Throughout, Spasovski appears to be an exceptionally thorough worker. Regardless of the setting, trio or solo, he investigates the myriad of possibilities a melody can have but often in an expected jazz improvising framework. 


Jazz / Experimental / Fusion

Modern jazz & world music in fusion with the Balkan tradition and African rhythms are fitted into this solo project that offers extraordinary audio-visual experience.

Antonie Veskovski is composer and music producer, in this project he programs and plays vibraphone with contrasts and different musical aspects in to one idea. From pure melody and form to free expression with constant development of single motifs. Music that is simple but complex at the same moment.


Jazz / Experimental / Fusion

Aleksandar Boshkov Quartet is a mixed fusion between modern jazz and electronic music. The band’s concept is to approach the ambient electronic sound into jazz and allowing each other to dominate at the appropriate places.


Electro Jazz / Experimental / Hip Hop

Jordan Nikolov (known as B.Boy) is an active DJ, Turntablist and music producer from Bitola, Macedonia. The beginnings of binoculars date back to the early 1990’s, when parties were based on the good old-fashioned sound carriers: vinyl records, audio cassettes, and compact discs. Leader of the electronic scene in the city with a main focus on hip hop and electro jazz as well as modern styles that carry the roots of jazz. And, yes: B.Boy is also a published short prose writer.


Electro Jazz / Experimental / Afro

Ilija Talev is a pioneer of electronic music in Macedonia. He made his musical debut (as a DJ) in 1989 in the disco “Tourist” in Bitola. On November 30, 1989, he organized the first techno party in Macedonia at the disco “Senator” in Bitola. Driven by its success, he started working on his own music, to realize the first electronic (techno) track in Macedonia on November 15, 1991, called “The Last Tito Dance”, under the name Dr. Acid.

Under the name XAVIER ACID they realize the following releases: the single “Mute” (where Labina Mitevska lends her voice) and the albums “Estravaganza” (1995), “Granica” (so far the only music written for a book in our country, according to the scientific a fantasy novel by Petar Volnarovski in 1995) and “Porn” (1996). After stopping working in the parent group XAVIER ACID, he briefly continued to work under the name MUZAK.