Jazz Factory Festival 2020 Bramha Amity Trio


Bramha Trio is a contemporary jazz group formed in April 2019 by Aleksandar Vanchovski alongside Filip Dimishkovski and Martin Josifovski in Skopje, Macedonia. Their debut album “Painting” was recorded the same month and was released a few months later. The album, the making of which took place in “Club Marakana” with Goran Geshovski as producer, is now officially released, and the band is finally confident that they have the material they had set out to make.

After the album, Bramha released their first single featuring a vocalist, colleague and very close friend called Kalina Velkovska.
Now, after what has been over a year of transformation, creation and self – reinvention, the band consists of Aleksandar Vanchovski on drums, Petar Lukich on piano and Nikola Bochvarov on bass, and create under the name “BRAMHA AMITY”. They have already written, composed, arranged, recorded and produced their first single from their upcoming second album, which has been aptly entitled ‘Amity’.


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