Jazz Factory Festival 2022 ERMANNO PANTA & BANDA ZEITUN


Ermanno Panta – vocals, flute, saxophone
Cote Calmet – drums
Thomas Moore – electric bass
Sergi Gomez – electric and flamenco guitar

A warm and vibrant sound characterizes the music of Ermanno Panta, singer and multi-instrumentalist, creator of compositions that Radio3 has defined as “very interesting and extremely peculiar” (Radio Nacional de España, Discópolis).

The dream of a free Mediterranean is recognized both in the lyrics and in the musical concept that resonates on the album Isla Musa (2019, Narrator Records), dedicated to Sicily, his birthplace, and Formentera, his adopted island. On the album, the traditional styles of Sicily merge with the styles of flamenco and jazz, coming together in an inspiring and poetic repertoire.

Lyrics in Sicilian, Spanish, Catalan and Arabic together with landscape musical elements recreate an aroma so characteristic of Mediterranean soundscapes.

In “Isla Musa” respect for root music, arrangements of modern taste and wide spaces for improvisation coexist. Jazz constitutes the lens through which it becomes possible to reinterpret roots music in a fresh, elegant and innovative key.

Jazz Factory Festival – Bitola
Under patronage by Municipality of Bitola
Supported by: National Theatre Bitola & MRT (Macedonian National Television)
Sponsored by: Stoby Winery.


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